Artificial Field Hockey pitch constructed

Show enjoy for the game of field hockey and set up an artificial field hockey pitch

Our client wnated to enhance his abilities and contracted us to set up and artificial field hockey practice pitch


Artificial grass secunda

Artificial grass installed in Secunda on a play area

we oped to installed MST 40mm in all our play area’s as it can handle the most foot traffica and will last the longes.


Synthetic grass supplied and installed

Synthetic grass supplied and installed on a roof leading installation.

Our client was in have to have of synthetic grass installed on a roof leading installation

One particular extra installation with MST 35mm


Tennis cout construction

Provide and set up synthetic tennis coiurt.

We supplied and installed blue and green synthetic turf on this tennis court.

we alos installed LED light method, netting and tennis net


Field hockey pitch construction

When you have to have to boost your field hockey expertise, just set up a synthetic field hockey practice pitch

We installed OVAL with a fig 12 curbing and netting.


Convert tennis court into soccer pitch

Provide and set up soccer pitch to Supersport Soccer college.

We converted the tennis court information a five a side soccer pitch with a soft netting program and all line markings


Construct a 5 a side pitch

Constructing a 5 a side soccer pitch with netting and rebound program

What did we do?

We construct a 1m higher kick wall in die field of play location, installa a soft net fencing program and set up perform class soccer turf for a terrific appear and really feel.