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    25mm Artificial grass
    MST 25mm Artificial grass

    Our 25mm product is a great match between price and quality. A double backing lawn made up of 3 colours for that realistic look and feel. This high density lawn is hard wearing and is suitable for outdoor use. I comes with a 6 year guarantee.

    30mm artificial grass
    MST 30mm Artificial Grass

    Our 30mm is an excellent balance between price and quality and is suitable for all locations. It has a mixture of two greens with a natural looking beige thatch curl. A realistic looking grass that is soft to the touch. Comes with a 8 year guarantee.

    35mm artificial grass
    MST 35mm Artificial Grass

    Our most popular premium landscape product. a 35mm combination of straight and curled yarns consisting of four colours – fresh green, dark green, yellow and brown to give the grass a realistic look and soft feel. Ideal for gardens and play areas. This product comes with an 8 year guarantee. Available in 2m and 4m roll widths.

    Pet Grass
    MST PET Grass 20mm

    This specialized turf will ensure that animal urine drains through the turf. It is to be installed onto a more porous substance as to allow the urine to pass through the base and away form the surface. The yarn undergoes an anti-biosis treatment which does not allow bacteria to live and breed on the yarn itself. Petscape makes use of a woven backing to allow for extra drainage

    Sport surfaces

    Artificial Soccer turf
    MST Slide Max 40mm

    40mm Pile height with a double backing system for extra strength and durability. It is recommended the 10mm of silica sand is brushed into the turf to reduce the pile from flattening. This also adds stability and increases durability. This product is ideal for kids play areas and landscape use. This product can also be used for multi-sports areas.

    Mulsti sport turf
    MST 13mm Multi-sport

    Our 13mm Multi-Sport product is suitable for the home putting green or multi-use area. A medium density 13mm mono-filament turf will ensure smooth ball roll and realistic ball bounce. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Comes with a 6 year guarantee.

    MST OVAL 11mm

    An 11mm fibrillated turf which is perfect for multi-use areas both at private residences and school environments. This turf is perfectly suited to accommodating tennis, netball, hockey, cricket, soccer and volleyball.