Rubber Gym Tiles

It is one of the most popular rubber tiles on the commercial gym flooring market today. Our indoor and outdoor tiles provide optimum durability, shock absorption and sound insulation against any similar products. Made from recycled, non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. So it is safe to use.
Easy to Install Gym Tiles

MST rubber gym flooring tiles have the dimensions 100cm x 100cm or 50cm x 50cm. High-density (heavy duty) and heavy enough so you don’t need adhesives to fix them. But have a better result we always advise to fix gym floor mats with adhesives. MST commercial gym floor tiles are easy to cut with a utility knife.
Suitable for Commercial Gym Flooring

Rubber gym mats have 100 x 100 cm or 50cm x 50cm dimensions. Thickness is 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm 35mm, 40mm, 45mm also 50mm and suitable to use for free weight area floor and weightlifting flooring and high-intensity gym flooring.
Healthy and Environment-Friendly

MST rubber gym floor tiles is an environmentally friendly floor covering. Because of recycling and rebuilt production made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. There are no contaminations like metals, stones, other plastic materials so it is safe for skin touch.

MST gym floor tiles are guaranteed for 3 years against cracking and color defects.

Composition: SBR Rubber & PU adhesive
Dimensions: 100 cm x 100cm (Bevelled) and 50cm x 50cm
Structure: Flat top
Bulk Density: 900 kg/cum
Colours: Black, Green, Rust, Grey

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